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The program designed to help you permanently install fitness and mindset habits to give you the confidence to transform your life

FM 111.1 Program: Classes

I’m here to bring you results. Contact me for more details.



The FM 111.1 program is your ultimate fitness, mindset and spirituality program giving you not only the workouts you need to develop your body, but your mind and soul as well. Mike created this program as it is the ultimate accumulation of what he believes made his life truly incredible through a combination of different self care and wellness routines. 

Through this 3 month program you will:

Acquire incredible habits in relation to fitness, mindset and well being all of which will guaranteed give you the confidence you need to live life at your absolute potential

Have 3 one on one zoom sessions a week with Mike with at least two of them being workouts and the third an additional workout or a call to discuss mindset, nutrition or other fitness related topics 

Have a new individualized workout program every month to help you achieve your fitness needs and goals. You will have access to this program with exercise demos included so you can do the exercises on days you are not working with Mike

Receive guidance from a certified professional coach to help you install the necessary habits, willpower and exercise technique needed to continue out with your fitness routine once the program is over

Receive Mike’s personal phone number so you can text him any questions, videos for feedback in regards to exercise form, inquire about nutrition and supplements, etc. 

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