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Currently, there are only remote workout options available with in person options coming soon as the lockdown restrictions loosen up around the Toronto/Peel area. In the meantime for your health and safety, I'm able to do workouts on a video call without requiring you to leave the comfort of your own home.  

Another benefit of remote workouts is that they can be done worldwide. This means if you happen to be living in Rome, Los Angeles, or anywhere else around the globe, I'm able to coach you and it will be a pleasure to do so. 

All sessions are booked via email. You can call with any questions and inquiries, but a follow up email will be sent for any booking requests over the phone.



$50/Session (first free, second paid for in advance)

Workout from the comfort of your own home without the need for equipment. If you have a home gym and weights we can work with that as well. Booking a 1:1 call benefits you as you have a professional coach assisting you through the exercise technique giving detailed explanations/demonstrations. All workouts are also individualized based on your needs (ex. hip injuries, knee pain, etc.)

The first session is more of an assessment style workout for the trainer to get an idea of what you need to improve on and to get to know you better. 



$150/Month + Add Ons

If you are searching for cheaper coaching options, this one is for you. It includes a 1:1 call with a professional coach to ask questions and develop a program based on your individual needs/goals along with a free assessment. 

A PDF file will be sent to you a few days later including links to videos that have detailed explanations on how to perform each exercise in your program correctly. 

This service includes scheduling 1:1 calls with a coach to discuss your needs/goals periodically, being able to send videos for feedback, directly asking fitness/nutrition/mindset questions and for $25/Session the coach can help you through a scheduled workout in your program via a 1:1 video call. 



$50/Session (first free, second paid for in advance)

Have 1:1 video calls with a coach to discuss any mental obstacles or adversity you are experiencing. The coach will ask you questions helping you overcome any mental barriers, fears, pain and more. 

The coach is well read and has experienced a variety of hardships from deaths in his immediate family, unemployment, starting a business, losing out on big opportunities and more. 

The coach will allow you to see for yourself how you can achieve and attain all your desired goals by helping you overcome the limitations you set on yourself.

Workout at the Beach


$60/Session (first free, second paid for in advance)

It's starting to get nice out in the Greater Toronto Area and the Ontario government is allowing Outdoor Fitness sessions to take place. I therefore have started 1:1 outdoor coaching sessions without the need for any equipment. 

You will not only have the opportunity to be coached by a professional, but you will have the bonus of working out at a beautiful local park having the addition of a relaxing scenery while you are training. All workouts will be socially distanced for safety and health protocols. 

All workouts are individualized based on your needs (ex. hip injuries, knee pain, etc.)

The first session is more of an assessment to give the trainer an idea of what you need to improve on and to get to know you better. 

The park will be an agreed upon meeting place with a list of the best ones in terms of accessibility to come. 



$25/Half Hour

Are you looking for a workout but for your mind? If so, meditation is the perfect way to do this. Simply sitting in stillness and learning to be present is not only great for our brains, but has been shown to increase overall happiness and productivity while reducing stress and anxiety.

I will be your guide to assist you in staying on track to help you be present. Guided meditations can include tapping into your senses, using affirmations, manifesting your perfect life and healing your physical and mental wounds. 

If you want to add meditation either to your individualized home workout program or 1:1 Zoom workouts, this is possible and will be included if it's something you are looking for. 

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